Pitino’s Son may be better Coach

Rick Pitino was one heck of a basketball coach, winning national titles at Kentucky and Louisville.  But, as time goes on, Pitino’s son Richard is starting to show that he may just be a better coach than his Dad. Richard took his first head coaching job at FIU and promptly lead them to their first winning season since 1999.  Then, in his first year as the head coach at Minnesota, Pitino again lead the program to the most wins ever in school history, when he won 24 games and got to the finals of the NIT.  The next year, the Golden Gophers won 25 games and won the NIT outright.  So, while the apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree, there is an argument to be made that taking downtrodden programs and turning them around is much tougher to do than taking Blue Blood programs and winning titles with them.

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