FAU’s Lane Kiffin Coaches His Way Back into the Mix

Lane Kiffin is back in the news.

Kiffin, who coached his way back into the college coaching discussion last season at Florida Atlantic, was at it again as he weighed in on the quarterback controversy at Alabama.  Nobody has ever accused Kiffin of being shy on social media, and he loves giving former boss Nick Saban a ribbing once in awhile. So, it was no surprise that Kiffin jumped all over social media when Alabama QB Jalen Hurts popped off about the coaches at Bama not handling the quarterback situation right.

What people forget, though, is Kiffin is smarter than you think.  By coaching FAU to a bowl game, Kiffin has made himself relevant again.  By blasting away on social media, his name is constantly in the public eye.  Hell, even the people at Tennessee piped in at the end of last year and wanted him back as their coach.  He is one of the really great college football minds in the country, so don’t be surprised to see him get a more upscale job in the near future.

Another thing about the guy — he has learned from his mistakes.  He had plenty of offers to leave FAU last season, but he stayed put.  That is going to bode well when the big boys come calling again soon.

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