Are Stanton and Judge Greatest Yankee Sluggers Ever

NEW YORK — Modern day baseball has changed the face of the game, and it is never more prominent than in New York, where the Yankees feature two of the games best sluggers.  While Aaron Judge uses his massive frame to overpower pitchers, Giancarlos Stanton possesses once-in-a-lifetime bat speed to pummel the baseball.

In the history of the game, the Yankees have featured guys like Ruth, Mantle, Maris.  While there will be an argument about Mantle and Maris being the best one-two punch New York has ever featured, truth be told they couldn’t come close to the explosive bats of Judge and Stanton.

Judge, at 6’7, is one of the finest power hitters to explode on the scene in some time.  2017 saw Judge put up massive numbers, blasting 52 bombs along with 114 RBI’s.  His 52 homers was tops in the American League.

Stanton, who last season played for the Miami Marlins, put up 59 homers and 132 RBI’s, both tops in the National League.

As these guys develop, it is only a matter of time before they are considered the finest power hitting tandem in Yankee history.

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