Just How Bad are the Baltimore Orioles ?

There are a lot of sporting events that can be hard to watch.  Women’s basketball when UCONN is playing against a lower shelf team, winning by 50; a high school football game where one team is completely overmatched.  Or, how about this — a Baltimore Orioles baseball game.

As of August 15, the Orioles are 49.5 games out of first place in the AL East.  Can you believe it?  Almost 50 full games out of first.  I doubt very seriously if anyone in B-town still remembers the days of Brooks Robinson.

Baltimore has won 36 games this season.  At the pace they are going, the O’s season shapes up to be one of the 5 worst seasons of the modern era.  All of those teams, with the exception of the 2003 Detroit Tigers, played before 1962.

How bad is it?  If they didn’t win another game the rest of the season, in about a month, they would tied eight teams from the 1800’s as the very worst teams to ever play Major League Baseball.

The Orioles offense is having a tough year, ranking in the bottom five teams in runs scored and the bottom seven in hits.  But, it is pitching where they have really struggled.  They are 29 out of 30 teams with an ERA of 5.10.  Only Kansas City has a worst ERA in 2018.

Pretty safe to say Baltimore cannot wait to get it over with and head home for the off season.

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