Commentary: Dez Bryant Bad Fit for Any NFL Team

News broke this week that wide receiver Dez Bryant of Dallas Cowboy fame had signed a one-year deal with the reinvigorated New Orleans Saints.  In the words of Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman, “Big Mistake. Big Mistake. Huge.”

Nobody will ever question how much talent Bryant brings to the table, but it is his attitude that is a killer. Bryant routinely threw temper tantrums on the Cowboy sideline, and more then once he fronted coaches and teammates off in public.  If it isn’t all about Dez well, Houston, we have a problem.

Why Sean Payton would bring Bryant in is beyond understanding.  Yes, the Saints need wide receiver help.  In a big way. But, is bringing the talented Bryant in worth the risk of upsetting what is clearly great team chemistry in New Orleans?  Apparently so.

Payton must believe that Drew Brees and the other team leaders of the Saints can reel Bryant in and keep him in check.  I doubt that is the case, but time will certainly tell.  `

Brees is having a season for the ages, completing 76% of his passes for 18 touchdowns with just one interception.  Why rock the boat when your offense is playing so well?  Again, head scratcher to me.

At the end of the day, the NFL is all about improving your roster and taking advantage of team’s weaknesses.  It is routine for franchises to make moves mid-season to improve their roster. I don’t think New Orleans did that here.  I think they weakened their roster moving for a guy who has a questionable character and has proven, more than once, that he is a bad teammate.

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