Oregon State Building College Baseball Dynasty

Oregon State Baseball, fresh off their third national title in 12 years, is as close to a college baseball dynasty as you are going to see.  For the second time, the Beavers came through the losers bracket to win a championship, having made three unbelievable comebacks when the chips were on the line.  Nick Madrigal, the All American who was the 4th pick in the MLB draft, led the charge as OSU put their stamp on greatness.  The Beavers had three 1st round picks in the draft, and that didn’t include Adley Rutschman who is probably the first guy picked in next year’s draft.  That talent, coupled with the masterful job Pat Casey has done in Corvallis, sets Oregon State up not only for another great run, but to put their stamp on a legacy that is second to none right now in college baseball.

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