Houston Rockets Offer for Jimmy Butler Ridiculous

Word out of Houston is that the Houston Rockets have offered the Minnesota Timberwolves four first-round picks for Jimmy Butler.  There is only one word that sums up the trade rumor — ridiculous.

While nobody is going to argue that Butler is a marquee player in the NBA, he sure isn’t worth leveraging a teams future to win now.  Which, of course, is exactly what the Rockets are doing.  The want to add one more great player to go with James Hardin and Chris Paul, so they have decided that Butler is that guy.  No doubt it is a reflection that Houston sees the time is now if they want to dethrone the unbeatable Golden State Warriors.

Butler demanded a trade from the Timberwolves earlier in the year.  Minnesota owner Glen Taylor assured Butler that if a reasonable offer came in, he would trade the star.  Really?  Is there any more reasonable offer than four first-round picks?  Uh, Hello !!!!

The irony in all of this is that, until he made a big fuss about being traded, Butler was not well known outside of Minnesota.  He simply was not a marquee name, even though he is a marquee talent by this era’s NBA talent level.  He’s another player who can score, play defense, and run the floor, which is exactly what teams need to do if they want to keep up with the run and gun style of the Warriors.  His 24.5 scoring average would elevate Houston’s offense to a new stratosphere.

Regardless, if Minnesota doesn’t take this deal, then we know they aren’t serious about making the trade.  If they do make the trade, they are securing a future long after the tumultuous year Butler has established this season.  Think about it?  Four first-rounders for one player.  Minnesota will never again get an opportunity like this.  EVER.

I think just the fact that Houston is willing to make such a move shows you how silly pro sports have become.  Whatever the case, the Rockets are giving new credence to old adage “Win at All Cost.”  If Houston makes this trade, that is exactly what they are trying to do.

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