L.A. Rams, New England Patriot Super Bowl Generating Little Interest

While the football Gods have reached down and bless the New England Patriots again, football fans everywhere are not impressed.  Tom Brady and his crew are back in the Super Bowl.  But, in getting to the Big Dance, they inadvertently shot the NFL in the foot.

New England fans are so used to getting to the Super Bowl, that for the second straight time they simply have not supported the game.  Ticket prices for the 2019 edition are at an all-time low, with ticket brokers everywhere trying to move the ducats at a loss.  The formula is simple.  If New England gets to the Super Bowl, ticket brokers get burned.

While Ram fans are flocking to Atlanta, New England fans are staying home to enjoy their three feet of snow.  Literally.  New England has been pummeled with a winter storm.

Regardless, while Super Bowl commercials are at an all-time high price wise ($5,100,000), ticket prices are at an all-time low.  Guess the saying is true:  Too much of a good thing spoils us.

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